What should be the daily study plan to crack IBPS Clerk Exam?

Competitive examinations are very tough to solve because they do not involve the conventional patterns of examination in which you have to learn and attempt the question paper. It is basically a different pattern altogether in which you have to solve the questions and at the same point of time you do not even know what is the limit of the syllabus. In such a situation it becomes extremely important to provide for the fact that search the examinations should be cleared with the help of systematic preparation which is well planned and well executed at the same time. This article will discuss the daily study plan of the students who want to crack the tough examination of IBPS Clerk. This IBPS Clerk study plan will help you to channelize your efforts in a much better way so that better results could be promised in the long run.

Wake up around 7-8am

The first part of the preparation is to always wake up early in the morning if you are preparing yourself for a competitive exam. You have to wake up on time and at the same point of time you should exercise a b in order to keep yourself free. You can also undertake activities such as meditation for maintaining the calm of your mind.

Start with quant

Since in the morning you would be having a completely fresh mind it is advisable to start with the toughest subject of quant. You can start appearing with the books that you are comfortable with and everyday you must keep it a habit to learn a new topic and at the same point of time revise the previous topic. In order to score good in the section it is important to obtain accuracy with time management and this can only be obtained by solving sample papers so once you are done with learning path you can devote your time to solving sample papers as well.

Practice logical reasoning

Experts have found that once your mind has inculcated the habit of solving tough questions it is better receptive to analytical questions. Since logical reasoning is all about analysis it becomes important to practice logical reasoning to the best possible extent. It is again important to make sure that you practice IBPS Clerk mock tests the most because there is no short formula of giving marks in this. You only have to practice and enhance the efficiency and time management with BYJU’s Exam Prep.

Take a break

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and it is equally true when you are preparing for a competitive examination like an IBPS clerk. After you have basically prepared quant and logical reasoning you are already done with the two toughest subjects and now you can take a small break in which you can either sleep or use social media to entertain yourself. It is also important to keep in mind that if you do not take a break then your learning capacity would definitely decrease.

Start with easier subjects

Once you wake up all you have spent your time of the break you can now indulge in studying the easier subjects like English and computers. These are considered to be very easy subjects and can be easily done throughout the afternoon. Distilled used to boarding considerably and at the same point of time would be enabling you to make sure that only the best result is able to come forward.

Watch online videos

It is true that if you look at books throughout the day you will get bored so in order to prevent this from happening you can always listen to the online video lectures provided by different types of coaching centres because if you listen to videos you are in a better position to grass the content.

Sleep early

Sleeping on time is a must habit that should be maintained while preparing for the exam.


It has to be kept in mind that this is one of the best way with the help of which you can ensure that you have cracked the particular examination

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