Who is At Fault For Car Parking Accidents?

Parking lots are busy as vehicles come in and go out every minute. Cars are in a rush, and the person in front of you is waiting to get your spot. Therefore many parking collisions tend to happen. 

Suppose you meet with a parking accident and deal with any type of damage or injury and the fault is someone else’s. In that case, you might need an attorney to help you get the best settlement for your rights. One of which is Car Accident Lawyer Grand Junction, who provides passionate and personalized representation to get a proper claim.

This blog will help you learn about how someone is held at fault for parking accidents and how it is determined.

Faults in a parking accident can be more challenging to determine than normal accidents. Both parties may share faults. 

Following are a few rules in determining that fault:

  • According to the principle of car accident law, if one car rear-ends another, then the vehicle in the rear will be considered at fault.
  • If the car moving out of the parking space hits a vehicle driving straight, the driver moving out will be at fault.
  • If a car hits another while taking a left turn, the vehicle carrying a left will be at fault.
  • If two cars collide while moving out simultaneously, then both the car drivers will be at equal fault.
  • If two cars collide while taking the same spot in the parking lot, both will be at equal fault. If in case, one was halfway in the parking space, then the other one will be at fault.
  • If a driver hits the stop signs or parks in the no parking zone, he will be considered at fault. 
  • If a driver is speeding over the limit and hits another car, he will be wholly considered at fault.

Pedestrians in a parking lot:

When you are in a parking lot, you are supposed to keep an eye on pedestrians. Especially while backing out, make sure to keep your phone aside and drive carefully as you will be considered at fault if you hit a pedestrian. Especially if there are children in the parking lot, make sure you keep your distance while driving next to them.

As mentioned above, if you experience a parking accident, make sure you report the accident and exchange insurance information with your fellow driver. Also, if the other person is at fault, ensure that you gather enough evidence and hire a trusted accident attorney if needed.

A parking accident lawyer will help find appropriate claims related to the damage you and your vehicle have suffered and help you understand all the legal regulations about accident law.