Cleaning and Maintenance Of Wooden Flooring: The Dos And Don’ts

Cowhide rugs ,Wooden flooring, without any doubt, is a wonderful option for both commercial and residential spaces. This unique, stylish, and trendy flooring option can enhance your overall interior. However, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. Many people treat wooden flooring like marble, which can result in severe damage. Using special wood products is one of the best ways to clean your wooden floors.

Here in this guide, we’ll talk about the common mistakes that people do while rugs cleaning wooden flooring. Knowing the major do’s and don’ts will help you make your wooden floors long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. So, let’s continue reading.

Don’t Do These Things:

You should not do the following things while cleaning and maintaining the wooden flooring.

  • Don’t Apply Baking Soda Or Vinegar

Many people clean their wooden floors with baking soda or vinegar. However, these are the worst things one can apply to wooden flooring. These ingredients can badly damage and dull these floors with time.

  • Don’t Allow Moisture To Sit On Wooden Flooring

Any kind of moisture can cause cracks in the wooden flooring, resulting in the wood warping or bubbling with time. Therefore, make sure to never apply high water or moisture content to these floors while cleaning.

  • Don’t Steam Clean Wooden Flooring

Just like water, steam can also saturate the wood, which would result in moisture. So, never steam clean your wooden floors.

  • Don’t Forget To Leave The Spills

Spills, which are part of daily life, are the biggest enemies of your wooden floors. The only thing you can do is to address the spill immediately as it happens. If you let them sit for a long, they can damage the wooden flooring.

  • Don’t Apply The Wrong Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents such as paste wax and acrylic products can strip the wood of polyurethane thereby turning the wooden flooring into an accident-prone slippery surface. So, it is best to never use these products.

Do These Things:

Instead of doing the above things, consider the following techniques to clean wooden flooring.

  • Do Apply The Right PH Level Cleaning Solution

Always clean your wooden floors with a cleaner having PH of about 7. Cleaning solutions with too much lower or higher PH are not fine for wooden flooring.

  • Do Clean Your Wooden Floors With A Broom And Dustpan

Cleaning wooden flooring at least once a week using a broom and dustpan will prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust particles.

  • Do Vacuuming Once A Week

Another way to keep your wooden floors cleaned and maintained is to do vacuuming every week.

  • Do Use A Microfiber-Like Mop

The best way to deal with dirt and dust particles is recommended to clean wooden flooring with a microfiber-like dusting agent because it does not leave any scratches behind.

The key to keeping wooden flooring maintained and aesthetically alluring is simply to pay attention to what to do and what not to do. Hope this guide was enough informative for you!