Natural Wonders in Washington to Enjoy

The State of Washington is home to a host of natural wonders, due in large part to its incredibly different environment and astonishing scenery. Washington’s magnificence stands out in its dynamic volcanic highpoints, elevated inclines, extravagant rainforests, and surprisingly flush valleys and desert fields.

Head out of Seattle on a pleasure trip to see some truly breathtaking sights. Bring along your camera and indulge your inner outdoor enthusiast by exploring some of the natural wonders that the great state of Washington offers. Whether it involves hiking through a rainforest or looking for a great backdrop for those Instagram-worthy pictures you’re sure to find it here. A few of these destinations are even state landmarks – just one more reason to add them to your must-see list.

  1. Hoh Rain Forest

Hoh Rain Forest is the green gem of the Olympic National Park, where you can climb through assured timberland. Meander through thick overgrown corridors among transcending conifers and close by the namesake stream, or even better, outing or camp in the woodland to take in all that one of the most outstanding normal miracles in Washington has to bring to the table. 

  1. Goat Rocks Wilderness

Goat Rocks Wilderness offers climbers an assortment of picturesque paths to take when looking for an extraordinary outing on the peak of the Cascade Mountain Range. There are over twelve climbing trails to choose from, many of them will take you around or across a wiped out well of lava between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams. 

  1. Dry Falls

Dry Falls is one of Washington State’s most amazing geographical miracles. Well before it evaporated to uncover its flow woven artwork of lakes, huge ice-age icy masses occupied the region. These icy masses liquefied over hundreds of years when the last Ice Age flood swept through the valley. The wonderful 3.5-mile-wide gulch was once the world’s largest cascading waterfall. While there is no longer a massive waterfall to see, this site still offers breathtaking views.

  1. Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls, the official waterfall of Washington, offers many things to visitors who stop in to take in the view. Located in the Eastern part of the state, Palouse Falls offers a wonderful 200-ft cascade that drops into the winding Palouse River gorge. 

There are three different vantage points to take in the falls. The highest offers guests a panoramic view of the falls and is a great place for photographers to set up to capture that perfect picture. By walking down the paved path you can view the falls from the second vantage point and also read about the canyon and falls. Finally, get a direct view at the first and lowest vantage point. 

Be sure to stay on the marked paths and within the designated viewpoints as the bluffs can be unsafe. 

  1. Granite Mountain

Rock Mountain offers uncommon viewpoints from its apex that fuse Crystal Lake, Kaleetan Peak and Mount Rainier. Moving to the most noteworthy place of Granite Mountain requires some endurance and a drastic elevation gain. For every mile you go you gain just about 1,000 feet in elevation. The best and most ideal chance to enjoy this unique site is during the week as the weekends often attract a lot of visitors to the area and create a busy viewpoint at the very top.  

In the event that you’ve lived here for a little while and you haven’t seen any of these stunning natural wonders we highly encourage you to pack up the car and visit them throughout the year. They’re truly a wonderful addition to our state and something to be enjoyed with friends or family.